Retirement and Purposeful Living Coaching by Kim Shea

How do you want to spend your retirement?

What is your purpose in life? 

How can you spend your time in a way that lights your fire? 

I'll help you figure that out.

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Aging is truly a gift, even if it might not feel like it sometimes. But getting older and retiring is teeming with opportunity for you!


How can you make the rest of your life the best of your life?

Your secret for aging happily and purposefully is to maximize your personal potential and your enjoyment of the ride. Strive for fulfillment on every level of your experiences... mental, emotional, physical, spiritual. Choose to age with a strong sense of purpose. You will be happier! I want to help you plan out your journey. Contact me below.

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My name is Kim Shea. I am a certified Retirement Coach, have a Masters degree in leadership of healthcare organizations, and I run a geriatric psychology practice. In the past I have been a caregiver and an activities coordinator in a nursing home. I am passionate about the subject of aging well because I believe many people can age better than they realize!


In my experience I have seen people age very well. Many get it right and they live fully until the end of their lives. They know how they want to live. 


Obviously, we cannot have control over every circumstance in our lives. Sometimes people struggle with money. Others find their health takes its toll. But there is so much that you can do mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, and emotionally to make your retirement and aging years purposeful and fulfilling. If you're unsure, check out my Videos page to see how other people are happier than they have ever been as they grow older in retirement.

Aging should be a spiritual journey where you discover that you have so much to offer the world. There is plenty of personal growth yet to achieve. You are needed.

The time to start thinking about how you want to enjoy your retirement life is as early as in your fifties. Maintain a positive attitude and get excited about what you will be able to do! You can take classes, learn a new hobby or spend more time on an old hobby, play a sport, exercise regularly, play, write the book you always wanted to write, learn an instrument, change careers, start a new business, focus on spiritual growth, relax a bit, adopt a pet, travel. The possibilities are endless! The best life for you starts out with you determining what you are here on Earth for? What are you really meant to be and to do. This is the key to your happiness. And I am here to guide you to find it!

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Do you need help planning your life during retirement? Where are you challenged? What are you looking forward to? If you are part of a couple, how can you make both of your retirement goals work together? Be proactive in your planning in case of a layoff or early retirement offer. This will create a much easier transition for you. Fill out the form below, call or message me.


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